For most North Americans, Turkey is what they eat on Thanksgiving, not a vacation destination. However, Europeans have been hip to the Turkish vibe for years and have been frequenting this country on their vacations. If you're looking for somewhere new and different to go when you leave your Toronto waterfront condos this year, why not consider Turkey? This article will introduce you to the ins and outs of traveling in this fascinating country.

There's something in Turkey for every type of traveler. If you're looking to go on a grand adventure, meeting new people and discovering the differences in everything from food to house plans between Turkey and home, the passionate, family oriented Turks are happy to accommodate. If you simply want to lounge on the beach and be pampered with drinks and fancy dinners, the Turkish seaside resorts are standing by to take your booking. If you're a history buff who likes to tour ancient ruins, there are sites all over Turkey waiting for you to explore them.

So what are the most interesting places to visit in Turkey? Well, no trip to this country is complete without taking in its capital, Istanbul, home of the Blue Mosque, the Spice Bazaar, and the famous Aya Sofya. The reconstructed Ottomon town of Safranbolu will provide a great contrast to your Mississauga mortgage, and the acropolis at Pergamum is a must-see. And then of course there's Gallipoli, a massive World War I battlefield where the Turks and the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps faced off against each other and so many lives were lost.

You will find the culture in Turkey vastly different than you're used to as a North American. The major spoken language is Turkish, with fewer English speakers around to help you buy aquarium supplies than you're used to in Europe, and the major religion is Islam, though the government itself is secular. Turkey straddles the line between Europe and the Middle East, both literally and politically, with close ties to Middle Eastern countries but a membership in NATO and an application in to join the European Union.

The reason Turkey became so popular with European vacationers was a combination of attractions and cheap prices. Though the prices are no longer dirt cheap, you can still get great deals away from the most heavily touristed areas. You can get by there on between 35 and 55 Euros per day - a steal compared to London, Paris, and Madrid, leaving you with plenty left over for bathroom art and souvenirs. Spring and Autumn are the best times to visit, as they allow you to enjoy both the warmer seaside areas and the colder inland regions.

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